Vielen Dank für all' die netten Kommentare !!!

Many thanks for all the nice comments !!!

Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015

The European Sons - Omnia Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

Original LP 1983


isabelbc hat gesagt…

hi friend!
please can you re-up this album?
thanks in advance!
Isabel :o)

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Hi Isabel,

here's a new link. Hope you like the record, it contains a rather strange mixture of musical styles. ;-)


isabelbc hat gesagt…

Thank you very much Dr. Fu Man Chu!!
WOW :o)

isabelbc hat gesagt…

have you the line-up?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Damn, link is dead again :-(

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Oh Yeah, the evil is always and everywhere, but hasn't planned on Dr. Fu Man Chu, the evil link fixer:

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot! I've wanted to hear this band for a while.

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