Vielen Dank für all' die netten Kommentare !!!

Many thanks for all the nice comments !!!

Freitag, 26. Juni 2015

Soft Machine - Live in Croydon 1970

Live Tape 1970


Anonym hat gesagt…

Doc du weisst was das Volk braucht!
Vilen Dank again!

Arthur S. Blake Menmaatre Seti hat gesagt…

I wish I could write in German, just to thank you better!

Do you happen to have this recording in lossless? This sis probably my favourite show of all time!

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Hi Arthur, sorry for the delay in my response, but it took me so lomg to retrieve the original wav files (I have too much stuff). And bad news: there are altogether 7 files incl. a big one of more than 200MB even in flac format (let alone wav). Now, zippyshare allows a maximum file size of just 200 MB, so I see no way for uploading. I hope you don't fret about that too much.

B. F. Xavier Menmaatre Seti hat gesagt…

No problems (though it is weird my email still has the previous pseudonym), your reply was very swift, and I too am a collector, so I understand the pains in finding something specific amidst the large amount of material one has.

In terms of the actual news, I am fretting, yes, because I am strange like that - perhaps I am one of those very boring flac purists, but I never forget music comes first - furthermore, I have been looking for a real glimpse of the complete Croydon "Facelift" since I first discovered it back in 2010, hoping to restore it to the concert present in "Noisette" somehow, which I still would like to do.

I respect if you decide not to pursue this further, am I am really very thankful to allowing me to listen to this material at all, but I looked for other possibilities to share the lossless Croydon somehow: it seems filefactory might be a useful alternative for sharing larger files since it allows the upload of 5GB even for normal users with an account, for example. Again, this is no demand, only a suggestion since I thought that, by requesting something in the first place, I could at least find a Plan B.

P.S.: Ich lerne Deutsche übrigens, aber noch sehr primitiv und falsch.

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Before I lose myself in gossipping (I'm a great master in that), here now the real thing (I hope I don't build your dreams too high): as it is with many sound freaks, I though that there must be an easy solution for the problem and I think i found one. I won't molest you with the details (I'm simply too lazy today), but here are now the zippy links to the Croydon tracks in WAV (track 4 - now "split" in a, b, c, - is the long one I told you about). By the way, the recording is taken (by a Revox tape machine) from a first generation copy (reel to reel) of the original master tape, which I acquired in 1972 (the copy, not the master)............. How time flies!.......................

If there, contrary to expectations, should be any problem with the files, do not hesitate to complain!

B. F. Xavier Menmaatre Seti hat gesagt…

Wow, thank you very much indeed! The files are perfect and you've just made my month!

If you need anything from Pink Floyd (1967-1977), Can (1971-1974), Soft Machine (Amougies 1969), The Fall (1979-1986), Genesis (1971-1982), Jethro Tull (1969-1975), Guided By Voices, Black Sabbath (Asbury Park 1975), This Heat (1979-1981), Tangerine Dream (1972-1977), etc., just send me a message, odds are I can help you with it.

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