Vielen Dank für all' die netten Kommentare !!!

Many thanks for all the nice comments !!!

Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

Embryo - Live in Aachen 1990

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Anonym hat gesagt…

danke sehr Doc.

a wanderer hat gesagt…

This live rec. must be something rare, can't seem to find it anywhere else here, Thank you very much. Fine topics between, keep it up. the way ; today i've discovered an outstanding Psych. release from Brazil it's called "Paêbirú" by Lula Côrtes & Zé Ramalho (1975) , any ideas, have you ever tried it before?! if not i'll highly recommend it regarding similarities with some of the music you post. moreover it's really phenomenal to the point i feel like telling somebody about it x) Many reviews out there crediting it as the rarest obscure release to come out of Brazil, i can't strongly rely on that but i'll tell you this ; It's damn worth it. i'll gladly recommend it to anybody into the Prog/Psych/Jazz-rock/Kraut/../ scene.. & you can easily find a shared copy.
..(Feel better now after getting this out of my chest),.. Excuse me for being out of Topic, for using English in your 'Deutsch Haus' . Have a nice day sir ;

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