Vielen Dank für all' die netten Kommentare !!!

Many thanks for all the nice comments !!!

Samstag, 11. April 2015


Original LP 1972


alf alfred hat gesagt…

thanks you very much for this. some pieces i have not heard yet and others i have heard in recent recordings. it will be good to be able to hear them in older performances. cheers, alfred venison.

Anonym hat gesagt…

hi, i was visiting your blog and find two nice compilations! sadly, the links don't work :-( please, can post again "The funk tapes vol.1 - vol.4" and "phat phonk pounds Vol.1 - Vol.3"? thank you in advance and for your effort, lg, MiFa

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Hi, MiFa
I will uload the requested stuff later that night, but please consider, that it may take up to 24 hours until it's online. I'll let you know then.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Thank you very much

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi, Dr. Fu Man Shu, thank you very much in advance and for your effort! LG, MiFa

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Hi MiFa,
all of your requested funk files are now online again. I've put the respective posts at the top of my blog, so you simply have to go to and find the first 4 posts with new links. I hope you have fun with it.


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