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Many thanks for all the nice comments !!!

Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017


Original Doppel-LP 1970


Anonym hat gesagt…

many thanx for this rare kraut artefact. been searching for it since 95. great blog! keep up the good work and give us more of these obscure german releases of the 60s & 70s. hats off!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

SUPER - blog. Die Do-LP ist der Hammer.
Vielen Dank und weiter so.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Bitte reposten Doc.

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Link erneuert.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Danke sehr Doc.

Mike F. hat gesagt…

another dead link to something that is impossible to find online :-(

Mike F. hat gesagt…

I have to tell you that even if THIS and the Blues News album were the ONLY things on your site you would still be my hero! This release alone... I bought my copy in Essen on my last day of school there (when I knew I was going to start going to a different school in a different town). I had seen this record for DM5,90- at the only record store in Hilden for well over a year, but even at that price I kept buying other records instead. Than on that day in early 1973it dawned on me "What if I never see this record anywhere else again?" and I finally bought it. Good thing too, because I never have seen another copy of it in my life! And some of these bands you only read about in various Krautrock books but this record is the ONLY place that you will ever be able to actually hear what they sounded like. So thank you thank you thank you for uploading this.

Now... if you REALLY want to blow my mind you can always upload that 20LP Pop History boxset you have pictured at the bottom of your page lol. I remember seeing that right before Christmas in the Duesseldorfer Altstadt and wanting it for Christmas SOOOOO badly. But my mother had just finished buying me my 6 Christmas records for well over DM100 and she was NOT going to spend another DM195-, ESPECIALLY for something that she damn well knew I already owned most of the double album versions of what had been repackaged in this box (she knew that I loved this series and recognized a lot of the covers)! I never saw another copy. And from what I heard, when the albums in this box started showing up for sale in stores it was because the store owners could not give this box away so thewy put out all of the double albums in it for the same DM29,- price as the regular Pop History albums just to get rid of the damn thing. I am certain there are some record store owners over there who remember me pestering them with questions like "Do you still have the box at least" for years before moving back to the USA. And how many times have I heard from store owners and collectors "You imagined a Pop History box - such a thing never existed". For decades this was my most sought after album period, despite the literally hundreds of people who told me this record was just a figment of my imagination! Then finally last decade one in terrible condition showed up on ebay and I got it for $50 (shipping included). Then a year later a mint, unplayed copy showed up which I also got for DM250,-. I even found the Pop History book for DM5,-! So while my dream of somebody somewhere unpoloading the entire German Pop History series is a dream that will probably never happen, maybe... just maybe one day somebody will put this box online for download. When I took the terrible condition one to a local record store (the owner of which had denied the existence of this box to me for decades) he was so shocked (that I actually found it or the horrible condition? I honestly do not know) that he offered me $200 in store credit for it! Not only that he managed to resell it for twice that amount to a local box set collector within 5 days!

Mike F. hat gesagt…

I meant Hilden, not Essen!

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