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Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016

Pink Floyd 4

Compiled by Dr.Fu Man Chu


Anonym hat gesagt…

Another superb collection!
Thanks a lot doc!!!!!

Mike F. hat gesagt…

Hello again Paul,

These links are all dead: (Los Blues Volume 1) (Jazz Festival Balver Höhle 1974 & 1975 - both links dead) (Jazz Festival Moers 1977) (Jazz Festival Balver Höhle 1977)

Sixty Nine - Live in Stolberg 1973 (Witthüser & Westrupp - Live in Essen 1971 ) (Man Hole Covered Wagon Both Links) (various - The Core Of Rock) (Samurai Double album) (Country Joe & The Fish) (Die Große Teenager-Party - super dufte) (Twen Moods) (It's A Beautiful Day - Antiques) (Pink Floyd 4)

Do you by chance also have Pink Floyd's Best of Tour 1972 and Winter Tour 1974

It would be wonderful if at some point this weekend you could get these links working again. I think for now this is it as far as what I shall be trying to download.

Oh! I almost forgot: Do you have any of these that you could possibly upload?:

Various - Ohrenschmaus (Ohr Records)

Various - Kosmische Musik (Kosmische Kourier Records)

Various - Mitten Ins Ohr (Ohr Records)

Various - Macht Nochmal Das Ohr Auf (Ohr Records)

Various - 33 1/3 aka Sieben Siebzig, either one is fine as they are identical in every way beyond the title (Kuckuck Records sampler with very oversized labels)

Thank you for your time and your blog.


Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Hello Mike,
right now I've started uploading the requested files, but be patient, because my upload speed is rather slow, so it will take a while until everything is online again. Like yesterday I will put the stuff one by one at the top of the blog, so you can see the upload progress.

Of the Pink Floyd bootlegs I own both as CDs, but haven't considered uploading, because they are easily available somewhere else ... well, anywhere else. ;-)

As for the Ohr- and Kuckuck-Samplers I have to say no, because I simply don't have them (except for the "Siebensiebzig" in bad shape), but as with the Pink Floyd bootlegs there is to say, that they are believed to be to be easily accessible (at least all single tracks).

(It is not utterly out of the question, that my notion of EASY is not universally valid ;-))

So much for now ..........

Mike F. hat gesagt…

No hurry at all. It gives me something to look forward to. How about these two old samplers: (and if you have a photo of the poster you can include all the better - mine never had the poster in it, only the sticker on the cover)

Finally something that is not a sampler. I have been trying to find this Holy Modal Rounders album for download for years now. Maybe you have it:

PSW: my copy of Sieben Siebzig is in pretty bad shape as well ;-)

Thanks, Mike

Mike F. hat gesagt…

Thank you very much for the new links you have done thus far. Mike

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

As far as I can see, all the links are renewed now (sole exception: Sixty Nine, which I simple cannot find,k but you don't miss much because of the rather bad sound quality.
As for the UNDERGROUND sampler: I own two copies but no poster and the "A Psychedelic Trip To Underground" will be posted here "someday soon" ;-).
In respect of "The Holy Modal Rounders" I have to say sorry.

Till some other time.


Mike F. hat gesagt…

Thank you for all the links. Can't wait for the Underground Sampler :-)! Mike

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