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Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

The Rare Singles Series - Volume 1: Seventies

Compiled by Dr. Fu Man Chu


Oldcapellon hat gesagt…

rare gems from the vault !
***** 4Ur taste !


Anonym hat gesagt…

Top Sampler,great Music,thanks!

malarz hat gesagt…

Invalid or Deleted File... :(
re-up please.

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

New link:

Mike F. hat gesagt…

Is there a second volume of this? Thank you very much.

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Hi Mike,
that's one of my oldest compilations (from the 90's), and it still remains the only volume despite it's title, which suggests a series (or at least a second volume). Meanwhile all this has become a bit obsolete since nearly everything (in terms of rarities) is available on the net.

Mike F. hat gesagt…

It may be "obsolete", but then again I genuinely enjoy listening to your compilations, even when I have most of (or even everything) on them in a dozen different folders. To have everything like this in one place makes life so much easier (Plus to be honest: I would not even know how to compile many of these sorts of things because I do not have the knowledge of the actual material itself to know what might belong with what else (I hope that makes sense) so for me any compilation you put up here is never "obsolete" to my ears :-)

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