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Sonntag, 26. Januar 2020

World Of Rock'n'Roll

Original DoLP 1970/71

Not much info to find anywhere, look HERE and HERE, but I think it's not more than a good guess.
Anyway, rare as hell it is, and I like to call it Rough'n'Roll.
As likely as not a German production.


Mike F. hat gesagt…

Thank you a million times for posting this. It has been one of my ten most sought ever downloads for well over 5 years now!

This is the same band (or bands) that were behind the Jimi Hendrix Live Experience Band, Ten Years After - Portrait, etc albums (I have heard rumours of a Jethro Tull and a Procol Harum one existing but have never seen actual proof of these. The TYA on the other hand I actually own - I would LOVE to see that one up here one of these days). Based on the cover these people might well have had something to do with the European edition of The Rolling Stones Lire R Than You'll Ever Be entitled "The Greatest Group On Earth": both had not only the exact same cover design, the paper stock etc the covers were originally printed on in the first issues were absolutely identical. In any case finaslly finding this makes my day. Thank you again.

Mike F. hat gesagt…

Oh yeah - in case I forgot to include the link with my other comment:

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