Vielen Dank für all' die netten Kommentare !!!

Many thanks for all the nice comments !!!

Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

Four For Jazz - Sunday Child

Original LP 1972


Anonym hat gesagt…

Was soll ich sagen doc?
70er free Jazz vom feinsten,genau meins!
Danke schön!

Solomon hat gesagt…

Thank you.

Calisan hat gesagt…

This is wonderful! One of the best of your blog!
Thanks for share

boogieman hat gesagt…

Hello there,

i just discovered your blog via Porco's Hideaway. Terrific blog, I've downloaded a few of the european/ german jazz album. Great stuff!

I tried to get the Peter Sonntag album but unfortunately the link 's gone. Any hope of a repost? Haven't seen this album anywhere else.

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Hello Boogieman,
I will tell you a bit more about Peter Sonntag, but not before tomorrow, now it's middle of the night and I like to go to bed, but first and most important of all the new link to the LIKE THIS album:

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