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Montag, 13. Februar 2017

Live Experience Band - Tribute To Jimi Hendrix

2 Original LPs


Anonym hat gesagt…

Absolut geile Hendrix Coverband.
Wieder mal ein muss für alle 60s & 70s freaks!
DICKES Dankeschön doc!!

Oldcapellon hat gesagt…

damals habe ich beide gekauft, Kaufhalle - Schildergasse - K!
It's only 5,- DMark Lp´s rock but I like it..

Anonym hat gesagt…

do you know/have also this:

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

I know it and I even own it. At least I remember coming across a copy in my attic (last year or so). Anyway, momentary I don't have too much time to make vinyl rips, it's always a lot of work ........... but one never knows.

Mike F. hat gesagt…

PLEASE if you have World Of Rock & Roll (as well as the Ten Years After Portrait LP these guys did) upload them here. I know they did at least a few other albums as well but I have never been able to find out any information about who the band actually might have been or even a discography of how many "tribute" album of this sort there actually were. I lived in Germany at the time and know of 5 for certain (these two Hendrix's, another Hendrix with a photo of him from the Ilse Of Wight on the cover on Europa records (this one usually sold at gas stations etc for around DM5,00, the TYA and WOR&R). I would LOVE to see all of those albums uploaded somewhere one of these days. Thanks.

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Hello Mike,
last night I did upload all of the files, of which you found the links to be dead (and I know there are many more). Well, not exactly all of them, the BLUES NEWS has left my computer for reasons unknown (probably voodoo), but that's no reason to worry, I'll make a new one and the file will be online by tomorrow. As for the "World Of Rock & Roll" I still think, it must be somewhere in my attic. If I'll ever retrieve it, I'll let you know. The "Ten Years After Portrait" LP I haven't seen for ages. Years ago I compiled this list:, whick contains most (if not all) of that German cheapo stuff. I don't own all of these, so it's only for discographical purposes.
Anyway, you can find now the renewd stuff at the beginning of the blog. Have a nice day!

Paul (from Germany as you might have assumed already ;-))

Mike F. hat gesagt…

Vielen Dank Paul. Du hast so viel auf dieser Seite, was mann nirgendwo sonst als download finden kannst (alleine die ganzen anima/Paul und Limpe Fuchs Platten!). Und fuer mich am wichtigsten: die ganzen Sampler aus meiner Jugend.

Ich hatte ziemlich viele von diese bollig Platten ( die, wo mann zb wusste, esist Lucifer's Friend oder Wind usw) aber am interessantisten fuer mich sind die, wo mann nicht genau weis, wer dahiner steckt. Persoenlich meine ich, irgendjemand sollte das alles nachforschen und ein Buch darueber schreiben anstatt die endlosen Krautrock Buecher. Da muss doch eione interessante Geschichte dahinter sein, den solche Platten, wo ein Band nicht nur eine Platte I'm grunde genommen unter ein anderen Namen aufnimmt aber dazu noch "Ok, ihr muesst eure eigene Lieder Machen, aber diese Lieder muessen haargenau wioe ein Lied von Hendrix/Ten Years After usw klingen. Ich selber... ich koennte vielleicht fur ein Lied soetwas zusdtande bringen. Aber fuer 2 oder 3 oder mehr ganze LP's? Das ist schon irgendwie eine leistung, meiner Meinung nach. Daher meine Interesse in gerade DIESE Lp's.

Anonym hat gesagt…

1000 thxs 4 Live Experience Band :)

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