Vielen Dank für all' die netten Kommentare !!!

Many thanks for all the nice comments !!!

Montag, 27. Januar 2014

Rolling Stones - Bravo

Original Vinyl LP 1965
released in Germany only


Anonym hat gesagt…

Super geile und rare Scheibe.
Wieder mal der Hammer doc!

Dr. Fu Man Chu hat gesagt…

Link erneuert.

Doccus Rockus Maximus hat gesagt…

Vielen Dank! und DANKE SCHÖN!..
I really wasn't sure which is the greater form of "thank you" in German !
Naturally after all this time the link is gone, but
as any good Rolling Stones afficionado should have, I already have all the music that is on these CD, but I do not the artwork. These artworks are very much appreciated. The Hor:Zu was famous for having the true stereo Magical Mystery tour tracks from 1971 onwards, and yet people in the west didn't seem to know about it. At all! Even after the internet.
They also had unusual mixes of the Stones . Does anyone know if it is true they had the stereo "satisfaction" for years earlier?
So, thank you again for all the German issues artworkon these pages. On my cassette artworks blog I do have many German cassettes, but I have not many German CDs artwork in my collection.
This helps!

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